Trec Nutrition - Anabolic BCAA System - 150caps / 30servings

-30% Out Of Stock Trec Nutrition - Anabolic BCAA System - 150caps / 30servings Amino acids/BCAA
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Product Description

Anabolic BCAA System is a formula containing optimally balanced proportions of branched chain amino acids: isoleucine, leucine and valine.

These amino acids belong to the group of exogenous substances or those whose body can not synthesize. Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) constitute about 40% of lean muscle in the body, thus reducing their level leads to a reduction in muscle tissue. Anabolic BCAA System is enriched with wit.B6, increasing the absorption of amino acids and taurine, which blocks the production of serotonin which increases significantly the strength of exercise.

How does the body?
Intense training quickly leads to exhaustion of energy reserves stored in the muscles as glycogen. Another "fuel" for muscles are amino acids (protein molecules that build muscle), especially those with branched chain (BCAA) amino acid pool .Gdy will not be completed quickly comes to lowering their concentration in the body the effect of which is to reduce the weight of muscle tissue - effe catabolic stress. The use of branched chain amino acids before the start of training leading to the reconstruction of the damaged muscle tissue before the reducible.
Systematically providing essential amino acids in subsequent periods after training, it is necessary to correct muscle protein regeneration .Prawidłowa their supply is very important in maintaining positive nitrogen balance, which is the state of anabolic (building). Anabolic BCAA system indirectly affects the secretion of growth hormone (HGH) and insulin, the hormone very strong. BCAA, in particular, isoleucine significantly inhibit the process of fat storage which positively affects the quality of muscle obtained.

Who should use Anabolic BCAA System?
Anabolic BCAA System is intended to facilitate physical activity in all sports with high intensity training.
However, the increased demand for amino acids primarily occurs in hard training bodybuilders and athletes who train strength sports.
The systematic use of Anabolic BCAA System enhances the growth of muscle mass and strength and significantly increases the efficiency of the body.

COMPOSITION per serving (5 capsules)

L-Isoleucine 1120 mg
L-Leucine 995 mg
L-Valine 635 mg
Taurine 625 mg

Wit.B6 0.67 mg (33.5% dz.z)
A total of BCAA 2750 mg

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the best bcaa for the price

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