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Trec Nutrition - Max Carb - 1000g/ 13servings

-37% Out Of Stock Trec Nutrition - Max Carb - 1000g/ 13servings Carbohydrate
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MAXCARB an excellent source of energy - can alleviate the fatigue and significantly retard the development of his physical symptoms. This product is especially recommended for athletes endurance, strength and speed events. It allows you to perform exercise with more intensity. It can also be used by people leading an active lifestyle - not necessarily associated with the sport.

MAXCARB composition includes both simple carbohydrates and complex (maltodextrin), and mineral complex (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium), which allows for topping up the electrolyte.

MAXCARB used by energy deficiencies:
- Prevents exhaustion and adds long-term capacity to make efforts
- Prevents the catabolic processes
- Protects the body against the effects of electrolyte depletion
- Quenches thirst for a long time
- Allows you to make anabolic processes
- Poprwia quality of regenerative processes

MAXCARB is a powder that must be dissolved in an appropriate amount of water. Due to the very good digestibility does not cause heaviness, or cause gastrointestinal problems.

MAXCARB has a very refreshing flavors to choose from: lemon, orange and peach. It can be used both as a hypertonic, isotonic or hypotonic drink.

Composition: hydrolyzate carbohydrates with different coefficients glikogenicznych, citric acid monohydrate, lemon flavor identical to natural.

Usage suggested by the manufacturer:
MAXCARB consumed as a beverage. Depending on the needs of the body, you can prepare a solution:

Hypertonic - it is used during periods of recovery after workouts in order to complement and increase the body's energy reserves. The drink of the / concentration also promotes the development of muscle mass in individuals with increased metabolism. It should be eaten between meals on training days and non-workout.
In order to prepare a hypertonic drink, dissolve MAXCARB in 15g of 100ml of cold water (eg .: 75g for 500ml of water)

Isotonic drink - it quickly compensates energy loss and wodnoelektrolitowych produced during exercise. It has been used before, during and after training.
In order to prepare an isotonic drink, dissolve MAXCARB in 10g of 100ml of cold water (eg .: 50g for 500ml of water)

Hypotonic drink - hypotonic contained carbohydrates and mineral salts to be absorbed faster into the body than in other solutions. Therefore, a hypotonic drink is recommended during intense workouts when breaks between following efforts are very short, eg .: during competitions, matches or starts.
In order to prepare a hypotonic drink, dissolve MAXCARB in 5g 100ml of cold water (eg .: 25g for 500ml of water)

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