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ActivLab - Creatine Super Powder - 500g / 83 servings

-36% ActivLab - Creatine Super Powder  - 500g / 83 servings Creatine
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  •     increase lean muscle mass
  •     Increase muscle strength and endurance
  •     speed up  recovery time

High-quality creatine powder with a high degree of fragmentation (200mesh). Supports the rapid development of muscles. Sensational version flavor - the perfect escape from regular creatine monohydrate!

SUPER Activlab Creatine Powder Creatine is a compound naturally occurring in the human body. It facilitates energy production (ATP), strengthens anabolic processes, stimulates muscle protein growth, strengthens power of muscle contraction and increases hydration of muscle cells.


It also has strong anti-catabolic properties, significantly accelerates recovery time.

Regular supplementation Activlab SUPER Creatine Powder increases lean body mass, increases muscle strength and endurance, improves the overall condition of the body, increases exercise capacity and training adaptation. After a few days of using the muscles are becoming more and more inflated. It improves physical fitness, making it possible to have longer, more effective workouts. Fineness of 200 mesh effect of creatine for better absorption by the body.

The product is recommended physically active people with a particular focus on practicing strength (bodybuilding, powerlifting).


Training Day:
1 serving before train. 1 portions of the train.
Non-training day:
1 servings 2 times a day

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