ActivLab - Tri Creatine Malate PRO - 120caps/24servings

-30% ActivLab - Tri Creatine Malate PRO - 120caps/24servings Creatine
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ActivLab Tricreatine Malate Pro 120 caps

- Increases strength and endurance
- Promotes the growth of muscle mass
- High assimilation, stability and anabolic effectiveness
- Up to 970mg of creatine malate in a single capsule

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the muscles of elementary importance for energy processes and chemical reactions resulting in the contraction of muscle cells.

The human body has the ability to synthesize creatine in the process initiated reaction of glycine and arginine. In practice, however, for a force of a sports and endurance force-endogenous synthesis may be insufficient. Increasing the amount of creatine and phosphocreatine in the muscles through supplementation initiates a series of processes intensifying anabolism and inhibit catabolism.

The influence of creatine effort capacity (strength, endurance) and muscle growth are undeniable and spectacular.
ActivLab Tricreatine Malate Pro is creatine malate capsules. Compared to other forms of creatine CEC *** that high bioavailability and superior solubility in liquid.

Supplementation ActivLab Tricreatine Malate Pro considerable contribution to the growth improvement of regeneration and adaptation of training and an increase in exercise capacity, and with adequate caloric surplus growth of muscle mass.
The product is aimed for representatives of all sports with a forcefield, endurance-forcefield, sculpting disciplines as well as physical condition.

1 capsule ActivLab TCM Pro contains up to 970mg of pure creatine malate highest quality!


Training days 2 x 5 capsules (in the morning on an empty stomach and after training), in the days beztreningowe 5 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach

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