ActivLab - HGH Night - 60caps/20servings

-11% ActivLab - HGH Night - 60caps/20servings G.H. booster
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Stimulator of growth hormone:
- Stimulates the production of natural growth hormone by the body without increasing its level beyond physiological value,
- Accelerates the growth of muscle mass and strength,
- Helping to reduce body fat regulating fat metabolism,
- Aids rest and regeneration, positively affecting sleep.

Activlab HGH Night is a comprehensive formula designed to raise the natural growth hormone, which is unrivaled influence on the most important aspects of bodybuilding training:

The increase in lean muscle mass: causes hypertrophy and hyperplasia - increase in volume and the number of muscle cells, enhances transport of free amino acids into cells, increases protein synthesis.

The reduction of adipose tissue causes the breakdown of fat cells accumulated increasing the level of free fatty acids in plasma, increases the utilization of fat as an energy source, inhibit fat synthesis.

Training and regeneration: strengthens and regenerate connective tissue, tendons and cartilage, causing an increase in strength and greater exercise of the body, thanks to its sleep regulating effect it aids rest and postprandial regeneration resulting in increased energy needed to operate.

Activlab HGH Night is recommended for people who train for recreational sportsmen, with particular emphasis on strength sports.

Recommended daily dose: on training days 3 capsules, non training days 2 capsules. Take the night before bedtime.

active ingredients

Serving 3kap.
Servings Per Container 20
Packaging 60 caps.


The contents of one portion incl:

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) 720mg
Pyroglutaminian arginine 1170mg
Lysine hydrochloride 720mg

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