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ActivLab - Beta Alanine - 120caps/30servings

-19% Out Of Stock ActivLab - Beta Alanine - 120caps/30servings Nitric Oxide
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Brand: Activlab
Product Code: Beta Alanine
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- Increases strength
- Increased strength
- Delays fatigue

β-Alanine is an amino acid precursor to carnosine, increasing concentrations in muscle cells. Carnosine increases muscle buffer capacity and raises the threshold anaerobic (lactate threshold). Delaying the occurrence of fatigue and muscle damage, it enables a significant increase in muscle performance and training volume.

The effect of β-alanine is to increase muscle strength and endurance for both aerobic endurance, as well as anaerobic. In addition, β-alanine is beneficial to increase muscle mass, and used together with creatine have a synergistic action in terms of obtaining the highest possible strength and lean body mass.

Recommended dosage

One capsule four times a day.


Nutritional values
Serving 4 kap
Servings Per Container 30
Packaging 120caps

The contents of one portion incl: Beta-Alanine 4000 mg

5 ( 5 / 5 )
these are a good product.I didn't get any tingling sensation from these.

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