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Trec Nutrition - Nitrobolon - 150caps/

New -23% Out Of Stock Trec Nutrition - Nitrobolon - 150caps/ Pre-workout
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  •     Increases NO production in the body
  •     Mega "muscle pump"
  •     More energy
  •     Faster increase in strength and muscle mass

How does NitroBolon work?

The ingredients contained in NitroBolon such as diarginine malate and arginine alpha keto-glutarate are precursors of the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body, which is responsible for the speed of communication between cells. Increasing the production of nitric oxide causes relaxation of the walls of blood vessels, and inhibits platelet aggregation (responsible for blood viscosity), which results in several times increasing the rate and amount of blood flow in the blood vessels and muscles. The result is an increased accumulation of oxygen and nutrients (transported through the blood) in the muscle cell. It gives the effect of tension and "inflating" the muscles, which causes a significant increase in strength and muscle mass.

What can we achieve using NitroBolon?

Nitric oxide increases the efficiency of both red muscle fibers, which shrink quickly and with high force (those fibers that work when you attack a record in bench press) and white fibers responsible for endurance in long-term efforts. How does it affect the results? In fact, you'll see the effects with your own eyes.

The use of NitroBolon results in exceeding the training limits that you could have obtained using only dangerous anabolic steroids. The muscles become harder and inflated, they are prepared to generate more energy and to do really heavy training. P.S .: Looking at yourself in the mirror after a hard workout, you know what your "inflated" body looks like. If you want this effect to last for many days, use NitroBolon.

What other benefits can you get with Nitrobolone?

The effect of nitric oxide (NO) as a substance increasing the body's exercise capacity is not the only favorable direction of action of this substance. Much of the influence of nitric oxide on increasing the volume of tissues has been used for many years by pharmaceutical companies specializing in the production of potency drugs. Among other things, the popular Viagra contains substances that increase NO production.

Blood supply disorders, poor blood flow and insufficient elasticity of genital tissues significantly impair sexual intercourse. Nitric Oxide significantly increases their blood supply, which has a beneficial effect on the achievement and maintenance of erections. P.S Men who are particularly sexually active need large amounts of arginine, because 80% of the seminal fluid protein is the amino acid.

Recommended dosage

On training days, you should take 4 caps. in the morning on an empty stomach, 4 caps. 30 minutes before training and 4 days. after training.

On non-training days, you should take 4 caps. in the morning on an empty stomach and 4 caps. 6 hours after the first serving.


Active ingredients
1serving 4caps
Servings in the package 37.5
packaging 150caps

The contents of one serving:
L-arginine malate 1600 mg
- including arginine 1110 mg
Citrulline malate 550 mg
- including citrulline 308 mg
Creatine ethyl ether 550 mg
- including creatine 368 mg

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