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Trec Nutrition - Whey 100 - 1500g/50 servings

-18% Out Of Stock Trec Nutrition -  Whey 100 - 1500g/50 servings Whey
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Brand: Trec Nutrition
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WHEY 100

High Performance Pure Protein Ideal for Gaining Muscle and Weight Control!

  • The best protein for building muscles!
  • A wide range of delicious flavours
  • Pure whey protein concentrate

100% whey protein concentrate

100% wpc lean


 Whey 100 is 100% highest quality whey protein concentrate, which is an ideal source of protein animal. Whey 100 is rich in all essential for building muscle fibers amino acids, including BCAA and L-Glutamine. Whey 100 perfectly dissolves and absorbs quickly, and it contains whey proteins intensively stimulate leading to muscle development anabolic processes.

Whey 100 contains 100% whey protein concentrate, a pure protein concentration of above 80%. Whey 100 is produced in the process of ultrafiltration, it is characterized by a very low content of fat and lactose. For the production of Whey 100 uses the highest quality whey protein concentrate - highly purified and high-speed source of nutritious protein.


Whey 100 contains only whey protein without adding any reducing the protein content of the product. Whey protein concentrate of the most popular and most effective protein of natural origin. Whey 100 perfectly complements the deficiency of the protein formed by the increased demand, especially in professional sports, bodybuilding and during reduction diets. First-class raw material in the form of instant used to produce Whey 100 is characterized by a high biological value (BV104) and excellent purity and solubility.

100 Whey contains whey protein concentrate, which is easily absorbed by the body. Because of the unique rate of digestion and absorption, the most important anabolic amino acids quickly reach the muscles. Extremely high content of rapidly released L-leucine acts as a starter anabolic processes. Intensive influx of nutrients stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins, increasing its intensity up to 70%. Other branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and L-Glutamine also inhibit adverse catabolic reactions. The advantage of anabolic processes conducive to building quality muscle mass.

Whey 100 is not only the best raw material, it is also an unforgettable experience for your palate. Whey 100 is a sophisticated, original and carefully refined flavors that will remain long in your memory. The unique quality and composition of WHEY 100 significantly exceed the properties of other products of this type available on the market.

Whey 100 is a universal product for everyone, ideal for daily protein supplement which quickly provides a large amount necessary for muscle growth anabolic amino acids. Whey 100 is a wealth of the most important ingredients of anabolic whose level is critical for muscle development and speed recovery time. Drink Whey 100 up to 1.5 h after exercise, and your muscles will receive an injection quickly the building blocks and a strong impetus to growth. The product is also suitable for increasing the nutritional value of meals and supplementing them with additional easily digestible protein. People with slower metabolism is recommended to use the product before bedtime and between meals, which can significantly speed up the metabolism.

The recommended daily dosage:

   Training days : 
I serving in the morning after waking up, serving up to 1.5 hours. after training and one portion just before bedtime.
   Non training days
:I serving in the morning after waking up, one portion between meals and one serving at bedtime.

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