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Muscle Care - Ashwagandha - 90tabs/90servings

-29% Out Of Stock Muscle Care - Ashwagandha - 90tabs/90servings Multivitamins
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Ashwagandha Muscle Care - 90tabs

Are you looking for an effective way of constant fatigue and lack of vitality? Does your nervous system cope with everyday stress? Ashwagandha Muscle Care will naturally help you overcome fatigue and provide maximum energy every day! *

Stress, physical fatigue and mental exhaustion accompany us every day. Fast pace of life, stressful work and lack of time to relax negatively affect the functioning of the whole body. As a result, we get more and more fatigue and discouragement, which deprives us of strength for normal functioning. If you want to enjoy the perfect physical and mental form again, you are looking for a way to improve memory and concentration and increase the body's physical capacity, this extract from Ashwagandha Muscle Care will allow you to live at full speed without the side effects of an intense lifestyle! *

Ashwagandha Muscle Care - the highest quality extract from sleepy salutation

The dumbfounded root has many health-promoting properties that are great for improving the quality of life. Scientific research has proven the positive influence of Ashwagandha, among others on the functioning of the nervous system and improvement of the general condition of the body.

Witanie slumber, as one of the few plants allows naturally and without side effects to deal with neurosis and depression, stress and weakness of the body caused by the use of a diet low in nutrients.

The high content of quickly absorbed iron, which is contained in Ashwagandha root extract, additionally supports the treatment of anemia and affects the better oxygenation of all cells and tissues.

The use of Ashwagandha Muscle Care in the period of increased physical and mental effort is an effective way to avoid chronic fatigue, which particularly affects people who work hard, do heavy physical work, and are exposed to severe stress on a daily basis. * In addition, the sleepy salutary root delivers a huge dose to the body natural antioxidants that actively fight free radicals, counteracting the aging of the body and reducing the risk of developing cancer.

How does Ashwagandha Muscle Care work?

Available in the form of tablets of the highest quality root extract of the sluggish sleepy brand Muscle Care works strongly anti-stress, protects against the development of neurosis and helps to relieve the symptoms of depression. In addition, the effect of increasing physical and mental capacity as well as fatigue-reducing properties make Ashwagandha Muscle Care increase the quality of life and allows you to enjoy an excellent form regardless of age. *

By using Ashwagandha Muscle Care, you will gain *:

• Natural protection against the destructive effects of free radicals;

• Excellent well-being;

• Increased vital energy;

• Increased resistance to stress;

The use of Ashwagandha Muscle Care during intense training allows you to protect yourself from the decrease of the body's efficiency, improves motivation and improves oxygen transport in the body, improving the work of the circulatory and muscular systems. *

Forget about everyday fatigue, discouragement and low mood states! By applying Ashwagandha Muscle Care, you will regain the joy of life and start enjoying the perfect form again! *

Check and see how the strength lies in natural supplements - with Muscle Care you will use to the maximum the properties known for the exceptional action of plant extracts and you will quickly feel their positive effect on your health and overall form.

* The effects depend on individual predispositions.


Ingredients: Ashwagandha root extract Withania somnifera standardized to 1.5% DAN 6: 1 witanolides, filler - cellulose, rice starch, carrier - calcium phosphates, anti-caking agents - magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.


Active ingredient

1 tablet

Hepatitis (Ashwagandha) root extract standardized to 1.5% of DAN 6: 1 witanolides  300 mg

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