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Fitness Authority - Anticatabolix - 500g/approx 44servings - 5g BCAAA+ 5g Glutamine per portion

-48% FA - Anticatabolix - 500g/approx 44servings  -  5g BCAAA+ 5g Glutamine per portion Amino acids/BCAA
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Product Code: FA - Anticatabolix - 500g/approx 44servings
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Anticatabolic mix of branched chain amino acids and glutamine

  • Ensures instant muscle recuperation
  • Stimulates protein synthesis
  • Maintains positive nitrogen balance
  • Inhibits catabolic processes
  • Stimulates immunity
  • Improves post-training adaptation
  • Optimal doses of BCAA and Glutamine


XTREME ANTICATABOLIX provides specially composed top quality blend of branched amino acids (BCAA) and glutamine. Powerful mixture of amino acids delivered by XTREME ANTICATABOLIX has potent anti-catabolic activity maintaining positive nitrogen balance. Through the use of optimal doses and ratios of branched chain amino acids, each serving of XTREME ANTICATABOLIX accelerates post-workout muscle recuperation and strongly stimulates all anabolic processes in muscle tissue. Effectiveness of XTREME ANTICATABOLIX in post-workout recovery is intensified by very high content of glutamine, a powerful muscle protein synthesis stimulator, precursor of very strong human antioxidant glutathione and modulator of body immunity! With XTREME ANTICATABOLIX post-workout regeneration allows  for maximum muscle and strength gains!
XTREME ANTICATABOLIX is now available in two different forms: powder and tablets. From now on, anyone can choose the most desired and convenient form of this incredible supplement!

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Without a doubt the best combination of the 2 but also more for each than would contain in2 seperate products. Fitness Authority are now my got for most supplements.

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